Hello! Nice to meet you! I’m Sophie, a twenty two year-old teacher, dreamer and sometimes a writer. What started as an eighteen-year old British student wanting to document the travelling she enjoys when she can, has become a space where I journal and share my experiences of living in Japan. That’s right, I live in Japan if you have not already noticed…

My blog and Instagram are like a diary of my thoughts on navigating life as a twenty-something while living in a foreign country, speaking about things that affect or interest me, whether that be providing an insight to what life is like teaching English in the Japanese countryside, the mental roller-coaster that is adulthood, or simply the joys of travel and seeing the world.

Essentially I love creating. I am always writing and capturing my life, despite my reluctance to upload and publish, my Instagram is updated far more regularly if you would like to see the kind of things I get up to.

I am an introverted daydreamer who ironically is happiest when trying new things and meeting new characters. As a Hiroshima based gal, you’re most likely to find me walking by the Otagawa river, lurking in Loft, or enjoying the warm nights dancing to throwback anthems at MAC.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.