Sleep, one of the most important things we need to do, yet somehow we all seem to put it off. But why do we do this? I know for a fact having a good sleep feels amazing, especially when it’s long and good quality. That lovely snug cosy feeling before you drift off, followed by waking up in the morning feeling energised and refreshed <3 Yes…I totally just made you want to hop into bed didn’t I? But struggling to switch off is usually what confronts us and prevents us from doing so. If you’re much like myself; and struggle to sleep as you would rather be doing something productive, here is what I like to do on those nights when I want and need my sleep…

Make yourself a brew
No, not just any brew, a good decaffeinated warm drink. For me, this will either be hot chocolate or my favourite Pukka ‘Night Time Tea’. The taste of warm milk and chocolate is just so comforting in itself that it should help you unwind. But if either you’re health conscious or need something a little stronger, go for the tea. It honestly works like magic, fifteen minutes after drinking this, I’m well and truly out. The combination of the warmth, the pleasant taste and the benefits of the herbs used in this tea superlatively works. I swear by it.

Run yourself a lavish, indulgent bath
Yes, those adjectives were vital. You’re not running yourself any bath, you need you wind down and soak into pleasurable drowsiness. Go collect your favourite bath soaks and bombs, I personally prefer any product that contains lavender – it’s a sure-fire way to keep me calm. It’s not only specifically for sleepiness, if stress or alertness is what holds you back, this will aid you no end. Plus it smells divine. But it doesn’t stop there, light a candle, turn the lights off and play spa music from YouTube. Sad? Maybe a little pathetic, yes, but in all honesty so what, shut your eyes and you could be anywhere <3

Create a tranquil bedroom
Make sure before you begin unwinding, your bedroom is tidy and your bed is made. There is no better feeling than sliding into a made bed. Keep a candle at your side and find a good book to read. If reading is not your thing, whip out a colouring book. Any activity that doesn’t require staring at a phone screen will aid you in getting sleepy, not hold you back. Of course, films and YouTube can help you unwind, but if you do keep the brightness down. The bright light really messes with your natural sleep cycle. After all, nothing feels cosier than a warm, dim-lit room – fairy lights optional.

Daydream about what you love
The final step in how I get to sleep is daydreaming about wonderful things. Whether that be happy moments that I’ve experienced in my life, exciting times ahead or even just putting myself into lovely situations – it’s a great way to distract your mind from what may be stressing you out. Eventually, over time I’ll drift off. My favourite way to aid this process is to liberally rub in my favourite aromatic body lotion or oil and slip on self-heating lavender scented eye pads. Then the rest is history, and sweet dreams await me.

If any of you struggle with getting to sleep or sleeping well, I really hope this helps. Not only because sleeping is wonderful, but a lack of good sleep can really heavily impact your mood and energy. A well-rested person is a happy and healthy person <3 If anyone has any other tips or advice please let me know.


  1. Candice Petersen
    October 10, 2016 / 1:53 pm

    Candles always helps with relaxation!Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • sophieannetaylor
      October 10, 2016 / 3:00 pm

      Definitely! No shame in being a candle hoarder <3

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