So the other day I waltzed into Hitchin, a local market town just a few miles away from where I live. The reason? To spend time with one of my closest friends but…with a change of scenery. Although she was used to going to Hitchin, I wasn’t, so it was quite exciting for myself! I wrote a blog post here all about travelling locally and how it can help curb feelings of wanderlust. One thing that we did in Hitchin was eating at Chia. It’s full name being ‘Chia: Naturally Healthy’. It was a cafe situated close to Hitchin’s main square and near the beautiful St Mary’s church. We made it a brunch since we wanted our lay-in but didn’t want to hang around until lunchtime to eat, and the rest is history.

What’s it like?
The building itself was very small but the low ceilings and wooden beams again just helped create that lovely cosy feeling – it’s especially what I like when in a casual cafe like this. I remember in Gdansk I found a restaurant that provided customers with blankets, it was a nice touch that I will not forget. Even if you did not eat in, the ground floor was laid out just like your average coffee shop so ordering and taking out quickly could be done with ease. The only difference was that the decor was very nice and an array of healthy vegan snacks were dotted around the room.

Is it welcoming?
The staff were also very friendly and even though I’m not super knowledgeable in meat/dairy alternatives with this being a vegan cafe, they were not standoff-ish or patronising in the slightest, which was something I feared. They were extremely kind and helpful. The recommendation for Almond milk with my Matcha latte was spot on <3 I’m not one for a super bitter or super sweet matcha. Tombo in South Kensington were very skilled at balancing this, but even Chia which doesn’t even specialise in matcha did a fantastic job.

The food?
We chose to sit upstairs and take in the backstreets of Hitchin with window seats. All of the food on the menu was to die for but of course, I couldn’t order 685836 things. So I went for a smoothie bowl, since I knew I was going to be flying in two days time, I wanted vitamin-rich food. My friend went for some gorgeous granola. Again, the food was such good quality. The smoothie was blended to perfection and all the fruit which topped it were divine. Surprisingly it was actually very filling, something that was a shock to me as I usually need a lot of starchy carbohydrates to stay full! In terms of other food, there were lots of salads, soups and wraps to choose from. They all looked scrumptious but my stomach and bank account wouldn’t agree after my smoothie bowl!

Anything else?
The setting, the food, and the service were all just too lovely. To finish I grabbed some lovely ‘healthy’ treats to bring with me on my flight to Houston in the US, since eating well will only help me with my jetlag and skin. I grabbed some energy balls and a cacao slab with goji berries. Of course, I picked the chocolate…but realistically better it be this than a dairy milk!

My crumpled bag full of long-haul flight treats – that my body is not going to be too unhappy with! <3

Want to see the menu and give this place a try for yourself? Here is the link to their website.

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