South Kensington, an area of London infamous for its class. However, it is also well known for its gorgeous independent eateries. One of these being ‘Tombo’.

I was given the pleasure of being able to catch their ‘pop up’ in Liberty earlier last month, I was hooked on their matcha from that moment on. Ever since then I was scouring for chances to give their South Kensington cafe a go. After Hyper Japan Festival at Olympia, time had to be killed before my train home…well I guess I made it here after all.
Apologies for the lack of beautiful photos, I didn’t have my Olympus on me, nor did I want to take loads of photos whilst trying to regain my energy after a long day! :’) However I was desperate to share this place with you and thought a short post about it would be nice.

Where is it?
It is super close to South Kensington underground station and the Science and Natural History Museums, making it a great spot for newcomers to London as it is very easy to find!

What about it do I love?
The clean, fresh decor? The array of Lucky Cats (or Maneki-Neko)? The Japanese Calligraphy on the walls? All of it. It was a Japan-culture-nerd’s dream. Tombo somehow brings in all of your typical Japanese ‘relics’ but without it feeling cringey and artificial.

It is essentially green tea leaves that have been ground finely into a powder which can then be used for various drinks and foods. Typically a small amount of powder is whisked with hot water to make a foamy potent drink, I rave about it so much. Not only does it taste simply amazing but it is packed full of lots of antioxidants. Furthermore, because you are drinking the powder in water rather than water infused with green tea leaves, you receive much more of the antioxidants. The caffeine is also released more slowly as it takes longer to digest. All in all, it tastes good and does good. Good health kick and an energy kick that lasts all day without the jitters associated with coffee.

Although Tombo does make fantastic matcha, they are famous for providing it to you in different delicious forms. Lattes, sundaes, cakes you name it! I had the pleasure of trying a matcha oat cake and that was gorgeous! They clearly are experts in their craft as the balance of matcha and sweetness was perfect.

The food?
Although this place is famous for its matcha, it also serves up lots of yummy Japanese dishes. Including your typical Chicken Katsu Curry, Bento boxes, and sushi. Although pretty mainstream you cannot deny that they all taste amazing!

Want to see the menu and give it a try for yourself? Here is the link to their website.


  1. Margarita Bloom
    August 4, 2016 / 1:32 pm

    If I lived in London or was visiting I would definitely check that place out! I love matcha and their shop looks sooo lovely!!Regina Margarita Bloom | Modern Vintage Beauty & Fashion BLOG: Cherry Lips Blonde Curls INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom BLOGLOVIN Margarita Bloom

    • sophieannetaylor
      August 5, 2016 / 12:10 pm

      It's simply gorgeous, seriously go pop in if you're ever about <3

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