Recently I’ve had a major rehaul of how I live my life. What I mean is that I have been actively changing many things to ensure that I am as healthy as possible! This is because at the beginning of the year I caught the dreadful virus called Glandular Fever and if I am being completely honest I have not completely recovered 5 months later </3, my immune system is well and truly broken. However from changing my eating habits, my approach to exercise and ensuring I do not do too much (which I am honestly really bad at!) my body has thanked me and I have seen a great improvement in my energy levels. But yes, if I give myself 0 days off and travel all the time I immediately get ill (like I am at the moment…) but on the whole I have been so much better!
So you’re probably thinking, what on earth does this have to do with skincare? Well as a result of being healthier, my skin has been pretty great! I’ll write a post about all the steps I have made to improve my lifestyle another time, but for those either trying to improve their skin or see what can aid your skin in looking and feeling better, these guys are simply amazing:

La Roche Posay – Serozinc (toner) – link
I’ve always been pretty sceptical about facial spritzers. It’s hard to believe that anything super watery and in spray format would work. They always seemed more like a gimick to me and only really worked as an instant refreshment. However this ittle bad boy is pretty awesome! From travelling to Malta, Italy and Poland in the space of two weeks, lots of hours at work and a lot of extra volunteering work without any extra rest…my skin was pretty vile. By that I mean spotty, I still kept up my normal skincare routine once I returned home (I’m very lazy when I travel!) that normally works a charm, but the spots on my chin really just did not want to budge! However the other day I ran out of my normal Clinique toner and had to grab another one, but this was on offer in Boots for around £5 and I had seen so many people rave so thought ‘why not?’. Well I am now super happy with this! By just adding this to my routine my spots although still not completely faded, are completely flat and no more are surfacing <3. Apparently the only active ingredient here is Zinc Sulphate and many debate whether it actually does anything, I’m guessing it works with me though!

Origins – Clear Improvement (mask) – link
This I have been using for years. I don’t like to whip it out too often as it really isn’t cheap but whenever my skin just feels like rubbish, this provides an instant fix. Of course my skin isn’t perfect after using this, but it does what it says on the tin. It improves and clears the skin. Also for days when my skin is actually pretty good, this mask is just great for an additional cleanse every once in a while (since I am greasy faced 24/7, thanks genetics <3). Unlike other masks formulated for oily skin or with charcoal, this is gentle enough to be used by all skin types and is one of the rare few products like this that does not make my skin feel ‘tight’ afterwards. A real gem.

Tony Moly – Panda’s Dream Cool Eye Stick (eye cream/primer?) – link
LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!!! If I am perfectly honest I didn’t buy this because I thought the ingredients were amazing and I had researched about it. Nope. One of my lovely friends really likes Tony Moly and ever since I saw the products online I have always wanted to try out one of their products. Also I’m a mega fan of Korean/Japanese skincare and makeup so the brand has always interested me. I just never got online and ordered anything. Buuuuut…wandering around Sephora in Gdansk, there was a Tony Moly Stand! I didn’t have much money to spend as I discovered it near the end of my trip so I only bought this little guy. It is described as being a serum and primer in one. I wouldn’t rave and say it is an amazing serum or anything, nor would I wear it as a night eye cream. To be honest I don’t think it would provide any amazing effects. However as a day eye cream and a primer it is awesome! It lightly moisturises in a way so I can have moisturised eyes, but without it impacting my makeup. It also has a cooling effect, which first thing in the morning is great at depuffing. This in conjuction with it’s brightening qualities, really makes my eyes look and feel a lot better! I suffer with dark circles and puffiness but this not only aids in fixing it, but does a fantastic job at hiding my ‘issues’. Plus I can top up throughout the day and it’s simply adorable </3.

Pixi – Overnight Glow Serum (Serum/Exfoliator) – link
Serums have aways been an issue for me, as they can usually be so heavy they break me out. I also struggle with exfoliating my skin with beads/salt/scrubs etc as although I am oily/combination skinned, my skin does react to a few things making it sensistive. My skin really does not like rough exfoliators. This product however gently exfoliates with gycolic acid – which really makes my skin glow. On top of this, aloe vera and cucumber are soothing non-pore clogging ingredients, meaning it both exfoliates and ‘heals’ the skin in one go. A fantastic post-flight serum as it encourages your skin to regenerate. Much like the Origins mask, this also makes my skin feel so much clearer and improved. Out of all the products I have mentioned so far, this makes the biggest difference to the overall appearance of my skin – it brightens, smoothes and softens.

Clinique – Mositure Surge Overnight Mask (mask) – link
Well I’ve already rambled on about this product here, but of course it needed to be included as it is within my top 5 holy grails 🙂 To sum up my previous post, having oily/combination/sensitive skin = using oily skin products that dry my skin out. To top up my moisture levels I use this every other night, and it really does plump my skin up. The best part is, is that despite being rich it does not break me out…yippee!

I really reccomend all of these products, and excluding Serozinc I recon all of these products are good for any skin type. You’ll just have to see whether or not it fits well into your routine 🙂

Links to the products again:

La Roche Posay Serozinc

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Cool Eye Stick

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum

Clinique Mositure Surge Overnight Mask

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