When I tell people I adore Malta, I am always met with people who either strongly agree or disagree with my view of the country. This is generally because it is a well known holiday destination for sun and beach holidays. Of course, everyone has their own preferences. Some people love the attraction of Benidorm in Spain due to the British-like infrastructure and the gorgeous beaches. However, others may prefer the allure of Greek islands such as Mykonos which are more famous for remaining true to their roots. 
However, I think Malta is a really good destination for both well-travelled folk and those who maybe go abroad only a couple of times over a few years to well known common sunny destinations (I’m talking your Spanish holiday islands, Orlando etc).

So here is why I think it’s perfect to be quite honest!


Malta is reasonably priced for what it is in my opinion and you’ll see why in the following points. The only time prices hike up is during half terms, make sure to book in advance. In terms of food and shopping, prices are usually a half to two-thirds of UK pricing. The only exception here is certain imported goods, sun-cream can cost double! Essentially a trip away here is certainly affordable, especially outside of term time (beginning of May and end of September are optimal times for good weather, smaller crowds and cheaper pricing).

The hotels

Three words for you: Do.your.research. Malta is home to some of the nicest most relaxing hotels anywhere and there are also loads suited to your preference: relaxation, entertainment, location or a mix of all three. Below I have attached my favourite hotels on the island and what they are good for:
Db San Antonio Bugibba – 4* All inclusive resort style, entertainment, families, lovely facilities, easy access to public transport
Db Seabank Mellieha – 4* All inclusive resort style, secluded, quiet, entertainment, families, lovely facilities, beach, away from busy-ness of other areas
Hilton St Julians – 5* Resort style, lovely facilities, in the centre of all the action but still remains secluded to an extent, typical Hilton class.
Radisson Blu Golden Bay – 5* Resort style, amazing facilities, secluded, beach, classy, families, arguably the best hotel on the island.
Seashells Resort Suncrest Qawra – 4* but more like 3* Budget option, resort style, good facilities, families, entertainment, easy access to public transport.
Tropicana St Julians – 2* Super budget option, very little facilities, great location, good for party-goers, easy access to public transport.

However, it must be noted that many idyllic looking hotels on websites are not as good as they seem. This can be said for any destination, however, I have definitely found this to be the case in Malta. Visiting time and time again staying at different hotels means I have experienced a good mix. MY advice? Check trip advisor to see what the hotel is actually like and check google maps. Many arrive disappointed to see their hotel is on a backstreet and not a separate resort on its own for instance.

The scenery

So I’m basically going to drop in a few photos here and surprisingly these photos were taken on a ‘bad’ day. Malta gets 300 days of sunshine a year and unfortunately the day I chose to explore was pretty gloomy. However, everything was still so beautiful.

Triq Tal-Prajjet
Blue Grotto

Look up the various locations on google or Instagram on a sunny day and they are simply amazing. The best part? You can see all these things for free, just pay for your transport to them – your own car, the local buses or a tour. Sightseeing is very cheap and most of it involves walking! 


So many people ask me why I visit Malta if there are next to no beaches… well, I have two responses to that. Firstly I do not go to Malta for a beach, I enjoy the island for many other things that I have already mentioned. Also, unless I am in the right mindset I don’t really like sunbathing on a beach. This doesn’t mean that I dislike beaches as I love them for their beauty and ambience instead! Secondly…Malta.does.have.beaches. Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay and Paradise Bay are just some of many on the island, all of which are gorgeous and unique in their own ways. I didn’t take a picture of any on my most recent trip so go have a little google yourself.

History and culture

Finally, a wonderful thing I love about this country is how unique it is. You still are very aware that you are in the Mediterranean, but this country is like no other. In addition like I said before, this country has not been over-brit-ified (yes what an amazing word), there are elements of British influence around but otherwise you cannot pin this country to being like another. It was ruled by an extensive list of peoples and countries and only gained its independence in the 1960s. However, it is this history of rulers and its position as a prime naval base that has allowed the country to become how we know it to be. The golden buildings, the turquoise waters, and the various museums and churches all tell of Malta’s past from BC to the Second World War. 

Well I hope this inspires you to check Malta out, it is a wonderful country. After visiting almost every year for a decade it is fair to say that I am in love with the place <3

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