I didn’t think I would ever lean towards blogging about skincare and other beauty related things but this was one thing that I just had to mention! When thinking about buying this I was torn, as there were so many good reviews but none tailored to oily skin. So hopefully if you now search on google for a blog review of this product for oily skin, somebody will be saved! ;D

The moisturiser of the live saving duo – Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

So lets jump right in…

Why did I buy this?
Being combination/dry/oily skinned, skincare has always been a bit of a challenge, not going to lie. I tend to lean towards oily skin products despite my dry areas, purely because products for dry skin or normal skin always make me break out 🙁 *sobs*. The issue with this, was that although I had lovely clear skin and little oiliness, many areas of my face were way too dry. But as I said, I couldn’t just go and use normal and dry skin products to balance it out because…yup I would break out T_T

Sooooo…when I saw a lovely lady in a Clinique store in Cambridge, I was legit saved! I told her my issues and what I was using, and she recommended the Moisture Surge moisturiser to use in addition to everything I already use.

Here is what it looks like in the jar…
ands how it looks on my lovely pale dry hand 🙂 (note to self, use hand cream more >.< )

How did I use the product?
I performed my normal skincare routine as usual. So cleansed, toned and moisturised. However before moisturising I would use the Moisture Surge. But if it was my nighttime routine I did not use a moisturiser or moisture surge, I used the mask version of the product overnight. (I was lucky enough to receive this as a freebie <3)

My little freebie – The Moisture Surge overnight mask

The results?
A M A Z I N G – I’ve always wanted to love various skincare products but have failed in doing so due to small drawbacks. However here this product has just saved my skin 😀 All spots are held at bay, my blackheads are still shrinking due to the routine I’m following but now on top of all of this my skin is soft, moisturised and very dewy. This has meant that now I have the confidence to go to the gym completely bare faced 🙂 Not that you should feel like you have to cover up but I feel like everyone should do what makes them feel happy and confident. Whether that’s no makeup, a few touch ups or a full face.

What the overnight mask looks like – very creamy and thick but still no breakouts 🙂

Worth the money?
I definitely would like to re-purchase this again! However say I was having a tight month or was off travelling and did not want to spend much, I would only buy the overnight mask. But I recon due to the quantity of product you receive I would be happy to repurchase twice to three times a year. Plus it saved my skin like no other product has. My only slight issue is the jar packaging which is not as hygienic and apparently the antioxidant ingredients can lose their effectiveness. However I buy this as a moisturiser not a serum so I am not too fussed 🙂 Overall I feel like the mask is more effective but the moisturiser is more useful.


Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser

Clinique Moisture Surge mask

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  1. Elisa
    October 31, 2016 / 1:22 pm

    I have combo skin so I'm really thankful that you reviewed the moisturizer! I've been thinking about purchasing the moisturizer for night cream because i'm afraid of cream based products for daytime moisture LOL my T-zone gets oily after a few hours pretty fast.

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