I finally am feeling super Christmassy! Not sure whether payday = buying Christmas presents or the beginning of Advent has sparked off this feeling but I don’t care I am buzzing! I’ve begun writing my essays with Christmas music, the fluffy pyjamas are out and on my commute to uni buying a regular non festive hot chocolate simply will not do. I adore winter, I would probably love it even more if crisp, clear mornings were a daily thing (unfortunately wind and rain seems to be more prominent at the moment, oh Britain you are wonderful!). But besides Christmas and the clean air I love getting cosy at home, especially since I spend so much time studying inside. So here are a few of my favourite things this winter…

First things first, ‘adult’ colouring books are such a good idea. Yes this is something bizarre that has just gotten trendy (as you know, you could just go and get a children’s one…) but I just had to hop on the bandwagon as its just such a nice way to wind down and daydream with. Of course I recently got a Christmas one…it’s just so wonderful. It just reminds me of being in Primary school where lessons would become Christmas word search sessions and after school you would begin practicing for the Nativity (or in my case, the drama production of the year as I used to be part of drama club!).

The illustrations are just so well drawn and there even seems to be aspects of children’s storytelling, its so cute!

Also many of the scenes are tailored to celebrating Christmas in the UK/Britain with many London scenes and references to other British things, its just so lovely.

Well onto my next item, my favourite winter candle of all time (so far! I do seem to get impressed with new ones fairly quickly!) The White Company’s ‘Winter’ Candle (yes it is literally called ‘Winter’). Scented with cinnamon, clove and orange – it is not only lovely for Christmas time, but it works for the whole season. They do have various different forms of this scent such as tealights which are more handy if you’re only in for a while but this is just one of those things that work so well in making my study sessions more enjoyable (and getting hyped up for Christmas subtly). However as this candle isn’t cheap at £20, Yankee Candle’s ‘Christmas Eve’ candle is just as lovely (and cheaper and easier to get hold of).

Next up are these cuties which I’m sure many of you have seen before. When my Dad visited Miami in early November, he was kind enough to stock me up with some of their Christmas collection. These hand sanitisers are brilliant! As you may or may not know I volunteer at a Hedgehog Hospital locally and recently I have taken in a young underweight hog myself. With their care being very unhygienic I have to be very careful and have to try to remain as clean as possible. Now between various activities I can put some hand sanitiser on that actually smells lovely and not of strong alcohol! Plus the smells are festive so…I cannot think of anything better.

I was also fortunate enough to get my favourite scent from the store ‘Winter Candy Apple” which is a nice scent for this time of year also, except it is definitely more fresh and not as heavy which is great! At this time of year I can usually only get my hands on cranberry, orange and heavy cookie scents so this Apple scent that is mixed with vanilla and cinnamon is just lovely – and quite different from the norm. Also having the body spray means wearing a Christmas scent that will always be weaker than a perfume which is good for this kind of scent.

Speaking of scents, another scent that I believe to be wintery would be Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted Wonderstruck’. My sister actually bought this for me as a present ages ago and it certainly was not intended to be a seasonal thing. However I now just love spritzing this on come wintertime, even though I have typically disliked celebrity perfumes. The longevity isn’t brilliant but its fairly cheap so that doesn’t really bother me.

Finally here are my two favourite cosy items of the season. I’ve always loved my tartan/plaid scarves but this year I purchased this one from Dorothy Perkins. I first spotted it when I heavily persuaded my friend to get it on a shopping trip (sorry for your bank account Charlotte!) and it looked lovely…I then popped in the next day and got it for myself too! I’ve received several complements wearing it, which for me is definitely a rarity! In terms of staying cosy in the house, fluffy socks from Primark are the way to go, and yes…they are Hedgehogs. This is actually my spare pair just in case the other ones fall apart over time, they were just so cute I couldn’t resist!

So there you have it, just a few of my favourite things this winter. Although I haven’t posted much as of yet I hope this blog is enjoyable for some. I will be planning to do many more blog posts soon, one maybe about Hyper Japan, some Christmassy posts, and definitely some travel posts as within the next two months I will be going to: Copenhagen, Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama and some other areas of Kanto), Scotland (Edinburgh and Fife) and Warsaw. So stick around if any of that appeals to you. 

Items in post: 

– Escape to Christmas Past: A Colouring Book Adventure
Winter Signature Candle (The White Company)
Seasonal Hand Sanitisers (Bath and Body Works)
Winter Candy Apple fragrance (Bath and Body Works)
Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck
Dorothy Perkins Scarf – Sold out online after Black Friday sales, this is a nice alternative.
– Hedgehog socks – Can be found instore in Primark

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