Since I’ve turned 18 I have done quite a bit of travelling this year, both on ‘family holidays’ and trips I’ve planned myself. However since starting university I obviously haven’t had the time nor the money to travel very much *sniffles* but a small treat to myself was visiting Copenhagen. It was the perfect destination for my budget, time and what I like to call ‘requirements’.

As a big fan of the Christmas season and shopping I usually go to London for Winter Wonderland and present shopping, however I wanted to do something different. With a return ticket to London from my town costing £25-£30 and my flight to Copenhagen from my local airport Luton costing £20 it was a bit of a no brainer. Although I bet some of you are probably thinking that I am absolutely bonkers for flying and exploring a city in just 9 hours but I did it, just me, my backpack and a camera! (Well my purse too for all my purchases but you know adding that on didn’t sound as cool). Also getting into the city itself was extremely easy, from touchdown to train to lunch it only took 30-45 minutes! (Then again I didn’t exactly have luggage to pick up if I was going just for the day).

With very little time on my hands, I made sure beforehand I knew exactly what I wanted to see, although I just enjoy getting the ‘feel’ of a city instead of sightseeing sometimes so that was basically how I spent my day. The main sights I knew I had to see was Tivoli, the Little Mermaid and the Harbour, of course there were various museums I would have loved to see but they can be for another time because I’m sure I’ll be back soon!

In terms of how my day went so you can all know about the timings and everything this is what I did in order! (Normally I don’t like explaining chronologically but I feel like its definitely suitable here!)

So firstly I hopped on the train from Copenhagen’s terminal 2 to the central station which took only twelve minutes! The ticket I chose to purchase was the ’Tourist 24 hour’ ticket which lets you use any forms of public transport in zones 1-4 (I doubt many of you would use the other zones unless you actually lived here or if there was something obscure and different you wanted to see). It cost 80 Danish Krone which with the current exchange rate was £8 – so fairly reasonable.

Straight from the train station I set out for the city centre which on the way I graced my eyes on Tivoli! The world’s oldest theme park which was lovely, but I saved that until the very end of the day so I could take advantage of its lovely Christmas lights. There were also many ’scandi design’ shops (well that’s what I call them) along the way to the centre, along with a chain called ‘Joe and the Juice’ which looked so enticing but I wanted to try and go for as long as possible with as few breaks as possible.

Once in the centre there were lots of chain shops which are in the UK and many chains that were exclusive to other areas of Europe and Scandinavia *cough* Sephora and Bik Bok *cough*. But my favourite area for shopping was the Christmas markets, the items being sold were very similar to the items found at UK Christmas Markets except the atmosphere was completely different. The best way of explaining it would be, it doesn’t feel like an artificial pop up like Winter Wonderland does in Hyde Park, it feels like it belongs there naturally. Another thing I might add, the cold frosty and foggy weather definitely suited the day for me, although I hate the wind!

After much shopping, window shopping and a trek on buses all the way to the Little Mermaid (yes it is much effort to see a statue, if you’re only there on a day trip I don’t recommend it! It is out of the way almost in the middle of nowhere) I came back to the harbour and with a leisurely stroll down to the end I hopped into a nautical pub where I got the nicest hot chocolate to warm me up and fill me with energy – (yup I went to a pub for a hot chocolate, well it was either a local business or Starbucks and I can have Starbucks any day so…

By this point the sun was beginning to set at 4pm so I decided to head back in the direction of Tivoli and the train station and do the shopping that I eyed up on the way. To stretch my money I almost always look at all the shops first then buy, then I get exactly what I want! Many purchases were made in Sephora, Sostrene Grenes and Pandora, along with small items at the Christmas markets but I was pumped for Tivoli at this point. Tivoli looked stunning at night, absolutely stunning, only problem was…I was so stunned I barely took any pictures as I just got carried away with enjoying it. To be honest I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d hoped across the whole day as sometimes I just like to take it all in. However I do have a few (albeit they’re a bit blurry!) But if you’re that desperate to see Tivoli in all its winter sparkly glory then visit yourself (or just look on their website…).

Once I had explored and I had walked nearly ten miles, it was time to drag my exhausted self onto a train back to the airport where I stuffed myself with avocado sushi and edamame before catching my flight home – which was amazing as I got a whole row to myself! Of course I stretched out and slept lying on all three seats with the arm rests up! 

So my summary of the day? Was it worth flying to a city abroad for a festive day out? Yes if you do not mind being tired and not seeing absolutely everything the city has to offer. It was great to have an interesting day out somewhere I had never been before, in a foreign city that certainly suited the season. Also it depends on which city, I feel like I saw much of Copenhagen in the few hours I was there, however a city like Tokyo I was in for three days but I feel like I barely scraped the surface so it honestly depends. But I do not recommend doing this if you’re not willing to walk for hours, not have a suitcase and want the day out to be luxurious what I mean is, this is not a lets drag a designer handbag out and go to posh restaurants/designer stores, no no no you do not have the time, you won’t look glamorous tired, no hotel to freshen up/rest in and nor do I believe a handbag is durable or comfortable enough for that long of a day out. Well that’s not impossible but I opt for comfort over style always, that’s just me 🙂

Flights –

Outbound: FR 7404 – London Luton 8:30 arrives in Copenhagen 11:20 (1 hour 50 minutes flight)

Inbound: FR 7407 – Copenhagen 21:45 arrives in London Luton 22:35 (1 hour 50 minutes flight)

^ My flights were actually 1 hour 30 minutes each.

Price: £9.99+ each way, book in advance and try and be flexible!

What I brought with me:

-My Kanken (had for years for school, uni and travel, very spacious and durable) 

-Duffle coat to stay warm (5 years old from Dorothy Perkins!)

-Scarf and gloves from Norway (anything will do just wrap up warm)

-Comfortable boots (Next)

-My Olympus Pen.

-My purse with a card which can be used abroad. (you can use any bank card if you notify your bank in advance)

Costs on the day:

– 80 KR (£8) for travel ticket.

– 40 KR (£4) for hot chocolate

– 50-80 KR (£5-£8) for a cafe/fast food lunch

– 99 KR (£9.99) for entry to Tivoli

– Shopping can honestly vary, you could go not buying a single thing, I spent 1300 KR which includes small souvenirs, christmas presents and some treats for myself.

Useful websites:

– Ryanair

– SkyScanner (if cannot fly from Luton or prefer other airlines)

– TripAdvisor (for things to do, places to eat and stay)

– Visit Copenhagen

– Tivoli Gardens


  1. milli-jane
    August 28, 2016 / 9:57 am

    We did pretty much the exact same trip! I was so amazed by the Tivoli, I think it's the most Christmassy place I've ever been! I took a few more pics if you want to reminisce check out my blog post on Copenhagen at thenorthstarnotebook.blogspot.com I can't believe how similar our trips were 🙂

  2. Louiselinn
    October 19, 2016 / 12:12 pm

    A wonderful outlook on Copenhagen! I live roughly 1.5 hours from the city (on the Swedish coast) yet rarely find the time or effort into making the trip! Thanks for sharing your experiences, I'd love to visit during christmas. Louisehttp://linnealoui.se

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