So here we go: my first blog post! I am not going to do a huge ramble post about why I’ve begun blogging blah blah blah as I honestly just want to get started. Buuuut if anyone is interested just click on the ‘About me’ tab.

So this week I had the pleasure of visiting Hampton Court Palace. It is located just South-West of London very close to Heathrow Airport (for anyone interested in visiting). Of course being a History student this was a University trip but I still think visiting here would be a lovely morning or afternoon out (or even a day if you really want to pay attention to detail!)

I know many people are but some may not be aware that Hampton Court Palace has been home to many monarchs here in England – notably Henry VIII. However, originally it was built by and for Cardinal Wolsey (basically the ‘advisor’ to Henry).

Unlike other palaces throughout the country, Hampton Court has quite the unique quirk. Over the years various monarchs have added their ‘own touch’ and have built their own residences on top of the previous Tudor design. Meaning the history of the architecture of this palace begins with the Tudors and ends with the Georgians.

Besides the history which is already really interesting, visiting the grounds for the palace’s magnificence, beautiful architecture and furnishings would be enough. Especially with the extremely well kept gardens.

My friend Julia and I enjoyed having our packed lunches out here staring at what we thought were ’emoji poop’ trees (which I believe are actually trees that are supposed to look like hats? – whoops!) and plenty of crows wanting my Doritos (which they were not having.)

But I won’t give away too much for you, you should really pay a visit yourself whether you live in the capital or are visiting from other areas of the country or abroad. It’s a lovely place to spend time just gazing at the beauty here and learning a lot about English history regarding the monarchs.

That’s why I will end my blog post here, go see if all for yourself!

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Camera used: Olympus Pen E-PL7 (Lens: M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14‑42mm 1:3.5‑5.6 II R) 

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