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Thursday, 19 October 2017


Japan, it's a place where if someone mentions it in the same room as me, everyone will suddenly turn their heads and look at me...yes I am that person and that is my strange obsession. My Dad took me to Japan for the first time for my 18th Birthday after years of begging and begging (FYI that was the best gift I had ever received). I became enthralled with the place and in the two years since, I've visited another three times. It's taken copious amounts of overtime and saving money to go again and again, but to think we live in an age where it is possible to travel to the other side of the world with ease, I always must remind myself how I am so incredibly lucky.

Now, there are many around me who, although may not be obsessed with the country (although some  I bet are) also wish to visit and I would thoroughly recommend them to do so. I was met with lovely comments and direct messages on Instagram about my most recent trip. However, I'm always met with 'it's too expensive' 'I don't know where to go' 'it would be too hard to plan without a tour'. So here I have compiled a more updated guide to getting yourself to Japan!

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